The birth of tea, and its long lasting benefits:

Tea has a history that stretches back thousands of years. According to legend, it was accidently discovered by the Chinese emperor Shen Nung during 2737 B.C. While his servant was boiling water, leaves from a nearby Camellia sinensis tree flew into it and created the world’s first tea.

Nung was a herbalist and his curiosity led him to drinking the tea as well as sharing it with others. Here at Ommate, we are proud to bring that same excitement of new flavors and herbal benefits.

Explore Our Chai

All of our chai uses a mix of spices that has been selected for optimal taste and well-known health benefits. When a tea is mixed with spices and other herbs the mixture is accurately referred to as a Masala Chai. For further information on these spices please refer to the tabs below.

One of the spices we use in our chai is Allspice that comes from the dried fruit of the pimento tree which is native to Central America. This spice is known for boosting the immune system and dental health, in addition to many other benefits including: maintaining a healthy heart, aiding in digestion, and improving blood circulation. Allspice also provides soothing relief and enhances the body’s ability to fight arthritis, gout and muscle aches.

Two types of cinnamon are used in the preparation of our chai and have significant antioxidant properties.

Fennel is known to have over a dozen health benefits. One of these properties is a powerful antiseptic ability, which can aid in protecting wounds from becoming infected with bacteria. Fennel has been proven to be effective in eliminating colic in infants, as well as reducing intestinal spasms in the gut.

Ginger is used in our recipes for its anti-inflammatory properties. It has proven to be a suitable substitute to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Pepper is a natural anti-inflammatory and known to reduce the risk of heart disease. When combined with tumeric it’s properties are enhanced.

Star Anise is a miraculous spice that has strong antibacterial properties. One study found it completely kills strains of drug-resistant Vibrio cholera, which is the cause of cholera. In another study it was found that extracts of Star Anise “showed substantial antibacterial activity against 67 clinical drug-resistant isolates [infections].” The health benefits of Star Anise are significant and it has been suggested for use in the development of antibiotics.

Our chai has antifungal properties because of our use of Cinnamon, Fennel, and Ginger. Cinnamon is such an effective antifungal spice that its extract can be used to successfully treat 72% of patients that have an intestinal infection due to Candida.

We use turmeric in all our recipes. It has been discovered to have benefits for over 600 health conditions. For hundreds of years it has consistently helped people with easing the physical suffering of viruses, parasites, and bacteria.