A Boulder Chai Recipe

The most delicious and quick way to brew a cup of chai is to bring a measuring 1.25 cups of water to a boil in a covered pot or pan. If you want additional cups of tea to be made, add 1.25 cups of measuring water for each cup or “mug” or chai you want to make. Some water will evaporate, even with a lid.

This brewing method results in a full-bodied chai. This means much of the essential oils and flavors from the spices and tea will be released. It is how we prefer to drink our chai, yet we encourage experimentation.

Find out what works best for you by making a cup or two and determining whether you want more or less of the essential oils to be activated, then decrease or increase the boiling time as needed.


Place one teaspoon of chai mix into the pot or pan for each cup of water that you’ve added, once it begins to boil. Then let the water and chai mixture continue to boil for 12 minutes.


Turn off the heat and let the chai steep for another 12 minutes.


Add Califia brand almond creamer, or another creamer as desired, and sweeten with honey.


Strain your chai into mugs and enjoy.


Share your creation with others and experiment further with alcoholic beverages or food recipes.