Drinking Senchai with Allison – A Boulder Yogi, Journalist, and Student of Life

“It was a pleasure chatting with Allison Rose Ildefonso about the topics of life that can seem so elusive to myself and others. Through her keen eyes, dedicated to learning from all the experiences of daily living, we are given a glimpse into a new perspective that may be different from our existing identity yet playful to approach and experiment with. Her perspective involves asking small questions, trying new things, and being gentle with oneself. To read more of the Read More

Drinking Guayaki Tea with Sasha Raskin – A Leading Coach in Boulder

Sasha: Are you familiar with Guayaki? Have you heard of Yerba Mate before? It’s not the tea, it’s South American kind of loose tea. They’re the biggest company in the world for that. It may be interesting for you to meet with the owner.  Octavian: Ah, Guayaki? I haven’t heard of it before. Sasha: You can see the products in probably every store that’s here. They have yellow cans and they support us with Yerba mate’ drinks and tea.  Octavian: Read More

Kicking off ommate’ Journeys with Michael

If you were a software developer working in Washington, DC, where would you end up after a decade-long journey inspired by the healing power of acupuncture? I met with Michael at the Laughing Goat Coffeehouse, over a cup of chai, to bring you the answer. His insights and experience are both enjoyable and thought-provoking. They are a tale of growth, seeking, and transformation. You can learn more about Michael Dabrowski and his practice at wholepersonacu.com