Electric Drip Coffee Maker

We recommend heating your water to the following temperatures when brewing your tea: Senchai (176 F.), Rooiverde (203 F.), Blancha’(175 F.), and Machaite’(203 F.). Most electric coffee makers are designed to heat to between 197.6 F. – 204.8 F.


Place 12 teaspoons of chai in the bottom of 12 cup coffee pot or in infuser to be placed in the pot. The infuser must be as sparse as possible and not trap in the finely ground spices.


Fill reservoir with water and start coffee maker.


Allow the chai to steep for at least 15-30 minutes. Continued steeping will allow the release of essential oils from the spices resulting in a stronger brew.


If chai has been made with mix in the bottom of the pot, strain upon serving.


Add creamer and honey.