Mate’ Negra

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Mate’ Negra

An unlikely pairing of the east and west.

A mix containing a combination of Assam and Yerba mate’ tea tea flavors with the addition of our spice masala mix – a delightful surprise.
Caffeinated and stimulating (Assam contains caffeine, Yerba mate’ contains xanthine).
Brew temperature 212 degrees F.
Made with 100% organic ingredients.

1 review for Mate’ Negra

  1. Tristan Michelle

    Tea and coffee have always been my favorite drinks because there is so much you can do with them. Hot in the winter, cold in the summer. Drink it plain or add some flair it doesn’t matter!

    ​I accidentally had my first chai drink last year when i went to the coffee shop and they gave me the wrong order. Ever since i have tried finding chai to make at home but most places were super pricey or weren’t vegan friendly. That is until ommate’…

    Ommate is a vegan company which makes not only my taste buds happy but my heart as well. They were kind enough to send me not only tea for me to try but a cute personalized letter! This company really cares about their customers and really tries to make them feel like family.

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