Our Story

The recipes developed for ommate’ have come from the desire to create drinks that are nourishing and healing for the body, mind and spirit.

At ommate’ we break many of the traditional rules of tea making and love to share our chai made in unique ways we do and hope you will too.

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About Our Founder, Sukey

Portrait of Sukey Holding a Copper Tea Kettle from Finland

Sukey was led to tea by what some would label a prophecy. As early as two or three years old, in the earliest portrait that can be found of her, she is seen holding a copper tea kettle.

Later while living in Marrakesh, Morocco she was given the nickname of Sukey. As it happens, the name came from the English nursery rhyme “Polly put the Kettle On” and served as another form of foreshadowing for the journey ahead of her.

Throughout her life, Sukey has spent over 50 years learning about spices and herbs, experimenting with them, and searching for ways to use them to heal.

We greatly appreciate your taking the time to learn more about ommate’ and its history, and we would like to share a note with you from Sukey. It describes her work and the intention behind it in a way that only she can:

“My mother’s dementia had a profound impact on the development of ommate’. Watching her go through what she did and realizing it was not “normal” made me aware I did not want to allow that to happen to me.

Drinking green tea was a start, I knew of its benefits, but years of studying herbs and spices caused me to consider how more could be accomplished. Chai contained beneficial spices but was commonly made with black tea and the spice mixes seemed weak and uninspired. I decided to develop my own recipe while studying to see which spices from the natural world could treat dementia holistically. My Masala Chai recipe evolved from there. I use only organic teas, herbs and spices which I believe are essential to making a curative chai.

The result is ommate’, chai with a holistic healer’s approach which some have called ayurvedic.”